Monday, 20 February 2012

About Me!!

Bob who is the founder of the Manchester Institute is an experienced psychotherapist and freelance trainer and supervisor. He runs a clinical practice encompassing both individual and group psychotherapy. He also runs a four-year TA Psychotherapy course with a UKCP accreditation. The basic theoretical framework that he uses in his work is Transactional Analysis, and he offers an integrative approach to therapy, incorporating Gestalt and bodywork techniques.

Bob is the Principle Director of the Manchester Institute.
The Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy evolved from the Lifestream Centre for Psychotherapy, which was founded by Bob Cooke in September 1987. Bob Cooke was interested in the idea of creating a therapy centre in south Manchester and saw it as a place where people could come, knowing that they would be attended by skilled therapists and treated with high regard and with confidence in safety and confidentially. At that time the staff consisted of two full time therapists, Bob Cooke and June Brereton, and several other part time therapists. It was through the establishment of this centre in 1987 that the Institute has its roots and subsequently evolved to now encompass a training dimension as well as a clinical base.
We have a fundamental belief that those who are personally motivated and willing to change will do so, and in so doing inspire the growth of others. Whilst on this path of self-development those who change will enhance the development of their environment.
For those working and training at the Institute, personal therapy and supervision are a basic requirement, thus ensuring a clear and safe environment for all clients in attendance.
In practice the commitment to anti-oppressive practice and values will involve the following:
The Institute’s Psychotherapy Training is recognised by the Institute of Transactional Analysis (ITA) and the European Association For Transactional Analysis (EATA) which is a member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).
We provide a comprehensive training programme in psychotherapy together with a wide range of clinical specialities in areas of self-esteem, lack of confidence, anxiety, panic attacks, relationship difficulties, addiction, bereavement and loss etc

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